Been dipping more into 3d lately. Leaning to adapt my 2d style into 3d and experimenting a bit with it. I have been really loving the process of modeling and texturing them All of these are made in C4D. Ogg's is an original concept art from Trudi Castle.

Presenting Lord Pot. Protector of all living green things and small yemalins. Just a fun concept for a story. Playing with colors and character design/art direction.
Lord Pot
Stylized ​​​​​​​Plant Study. 
Fun Little plant study
Ogg. Original Character concept by the lovely Trudy Castle. Modeled and animated by me. Fun collab! 
Character design is a original concept from Trudi Castle. 
Little Yema and friends. Been really enjoying making natural/plant oriented pieces. So here is a Yema enjoying a non polluted planet. 

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